Home Work

2020-04-26 15:18:49

Class 7

1. Draw the diagram of first class, second class and third class lever.

2. Write relationship between producer, consumer and decomposer with example.

3. Read and write atomic number, atomic mass and symbols of first 20 elements.

4. Write any four natural causes of environmental degradation and explain each.

5. Write short-short note about eight planet of solar system.

6. Write a letter to your best friend about what you are doing during holidays. (At least 250 words). 


Class: 7(2076-01-15)

  • Write an article on the given topic.

Mobile phone: a modern utility or a health hazard.

  • Describe a strange dream that you have seen recently.


     1.If A={ 1,2,3,4,5} and B={ 2,4,6,8} ,then find  A UB .

     2.Find the area of circle with radius (r)=21cm.

    3.If the angles of a triangle are in the ratio 2:3:5 find them.

  • Write a diary about the experience of staying home without doing anything.

Class:7 Sub; Eng

 A. Write a story you like most in about 100 words.

B. Write a letter to your friend who is in village wish him/ her about good results in final exam.


          Class – 7

        1. If  x0 ,250  and  800 are the angles of a triangle , find the size of  x0 .

        2. If 8 ,10 ,12 are in proportion , find the fourth proportional .

        3. Find the simple interest ; P=Rs 5000 ,T=2years ,and R=10% 




Class – 7

        1. What percent of 85 is 51.

        2.When Rs 1050 was divided between Ram and Hari in the ratio of 3:4 ,how

          Much will Hari get?

        3.If ∑ fx = 20 , N = 4 then find  x̅ .