Home Work

2020-04-26 15:17:31

Class. 6

1. Measure length, breadth and height of 10 different instruments like table, book etc that found in your         home by using scale.

2. Read and write name and symbol of first 20 elements.

3. List out the simple machines that found in your home.

4. Draw the well labelled diagram of plant cell and animal cell and list out the difference between them.

5. Write a letter to your best friend about what you are doing during holidays. (At least 250 words). 

Q. N 1 write down the properties of given composition and uses,

     Brass,  steel,  Bronze,  German silver,  stainless steel,  Duralumin

Q. N 2 Name any eight chemicals used in our daily life.


Class: 6 (2076-01-15)

  • Does god exist in the world? Write your opinion in a paragraph.
  • Write a short story based on Mythology (ancient story about legendary figure i.e. god & goddess) which you have heard by your parent.
  • Arrange the given word in Alphabetical order.
  1. Summer b) stick c) bother d) squeeze e) brother



Class: 6 sub: Eng.

A. Compose a dialogue between you and your friend describing about your upgraded class.

B. Write an essay about your favourite festival.



    1.Solve : x+3 = 5

   2. Find the profit ; C.P=Rs150 ,S.P=Rs200

   3.If the unit cost of pen is Rs15 ,find the cost of  5 pens.


Class: 6.

  1. There may be some natural, historical or cultural things that make your place known to others. Make a list of them and describe them in short.         
  2. Write a poem, song or a story that represents the geographical and cultural diversity of Nepal.               
  3.    C.Write the name of boundary, major castes and economic activities of your rural municipality or municipality.


       1.Find the ratio between 75P and 1Re .

             3.If  A = { 1,2,3}  and B = {1,3} ,then find ( A U B).



                      Class 6

        1 . Find the simple interest ; P=Rs 200 ,T=2years ,and R=10%

         2. Simplify : 0.35 +1.32 -0.99 .

         3.Simplify : 45 ÷ [18 – 3 {5+ (12 -4 -2)}].



  1. Draw a models of following listed topics with explanation
  1. Water cycle
  2. Drip irrigation
  3. Rainwater harvesting







  1. Write the numerical in short form and write the name: 9×109+ 4×105 + 2×102 + 3×101
  2. x









    If x = 2a + 1, show that; 3x - 2a + 4 = 4a + 7



  1. Name the reproductive parts of plant and show that light is needed for photosynthesis.
  2. Name any five inert gas. Show that light travels in straight line with diagram.




  1. How will you prove that a piece of stone occupies space?
  2. How will you separate common salt, sand, and iron fillings from  their mixture?
  3. Write differences between prokaryotic and eukaryotic.
  4. Write any five importantof cells.
  5. Write a short note about your favourites scientist with their invention.




  1. What is parallax error?
  2. Convert into;
  1. 5 km into cm
  2. 10 quintal into grams
  3. One year into seconds
  4. One day into seconds
  1.  What is time?
  2. What is mass?
  3. What is measurements?
  4. What is Unit?
  5. What is CGS, MKS, FPS and SI unit?
  6. What is one newton?
  7. What is one dyne?