Home Work

2020-04-26 15:16:50

Class 5


1. Read and write the nine phylum of invertebrates.

2. Read and write the five classes of vertebrates.

3. Draw the well labelled diagram of life cycle of butterfly.


Class: 5

Sub: Eng.

A. Answer the following questions.

 1. How many structures are there in present tense?

 2. What is the structure of past tense?

 B. Write an essay about your school.

4. Prepared a first aid box by using local instrument.

1- Prepare a Mother's day Card for coming mother day2077. Also paste the photo of your mother . 

Q. N 1 Name the list of vitamins with their important.

Q. N 2 write down the properties of solid, liquid and gases.


Class: 5

 a. write a letter to your friend describing your village

b. Draw the different tools used in different occupations.                c. write the name of chief ministers of seven provinces.   

Class :5

  1. Collect information on deficiency diseases and their prevention measures.
  2. Write down any five advantages of modern technologies.




  1. Find the square root.   a)  256              b) 225
  2. If the volume of cubical book is 4096 cm3. Find its length




  1. Draw a phases of the moon.
  2. Write the use of the following meteorological instruments.
  1. Anemometer
  2. Hygrometer
  3. Barometer
  4. Maximum and minimum thermometer
  5. Rain gauze





  1. Draw a well labeled diagram of simple leaf.
  2. What is water pollution?  Write its any 4 causes, effects and control measures.
  3. Make a list of pollutants that make your environment unhealthy and ugly.
  4. Write relationship between kilogram and Newton.





  1. What is reproduction?
  2. What is life process?
  3. Write down functions of;
  1. Roots
  2. Stem
  3. Leaf
  1.  What is pollination?
  2. What is fertilization?
  3. What is complete flower?