Home Work

2020-04-26 15:15:57

Class: 4

Q. N 1 write down any two features with examples of each phylum of invertebrates. 

Q. N 2 Write any four differences between local technologies and Modern technologies.

Q.N 3 Prepare a Mother's day Card for coming mother day2077. Also paste the photo of your mother . 


Class: 4

  1. write a letter to your friend describing your village

b. Draw the different tools used in different occupations.                c. write the name of chief ministers of seven provinces. 


  1. Draw a life cycle of butterfly.
  2. List the name of local technologies which used in village area.




  1. Convert into lowest term;
  2. What is the value of right angle?



Class :4

  1. Write down three main features of following animals.
  1. Crocodile
  2. Salamander
  3. Penguin
  4. Bat
  1. Draw a picture of clean environment.




Class :4

  1. Write down three main features of following animals.
  1. frog
  2. Reptiles
  3. Amoeba
  4. Bat
  1. Differences between vertebrates and invertebrates
  2. Draw a life cycle of butterfly.




1) Draw any two kinds of tools that are used by farmers. 

2) write a short paragraph about the festival or tradition observed in your family recently.                                 

     3)write a short paragraph about untouchability in  Nepal . 

4)make a play card containing awareness raising slogan (a)let's stop child marriage (b)boys and girls are equal.                                       

4)Find the name of some good persons of your community .   

  5)Ask your parents and make a list of different evils practices found in Nepal.




Class: 4


  1. Answer in one word of the following,
  1. Mammals that can fly ______.
  2. The substance having fixed shape and size _____.
  3. Capacity of a body to do work _____.
  4. Main source of energy _____.
  5. A group of similar cells ______.
  1. Answer the following questions.
  1. Why vegetative propagation is also called asexual reproduction
  1. What is energy? Mention the effects of heat.
  2. What is weather? Why is weather different from one place to another?
  3. What is balanced diet?
  4. Name the three bones of inner ear?