Home Work

2020-04-26 15:15:08

Class :3

Q. N 1 Name the transparent and opaque objects near you.

Q. N 2 Observe the change in weather during the on the basis of your observation.

     Fill in the following table ;

Time of the day

Cloudy or clear

Hot or cold

Cloudy or sunny

Windy or clear


























Q.N 3 Prepare a Mother's day Card for coming mother day2077. Also paste the photo of your mother . 


Class 3

a. write the name of the program that you like to take part of your school.   

 b. Draw the picture of our national flower and bird.                        C. Look at the calendar of baishakh 2077 and write how many Saturday and Monday are there.         



  1. List the name of the things which you  keep on your ‘First Aid box'.
  2. Name the parts of plant that we use as a vegetables.
  3. 2077-01-24


  4.   Simplify : 35 12 + 36 ÷ 4
  5. Find the product of 300 × 20




  1. Draw a parts of flower.
  2. Draw a picture of solar system.




  1. Name the any 15 object that are sink in water.
  2. Write the three -three features of following animals.
  1. Camel
  2. Starfish
  3. Cow
  4. Hydra
  5. Horse
  1. Draw a picture of earth and write the parts of earth.
  2. Define terms:
  1. Tree
  2. Aquatic animals
  3. Shrub
  4. Flowing plants
  5. Herbs




  1. Make a table to show the age of your family members.                   
  2. Collect the picture of costumes of different communities and pest them in your copy.                             
  3. Draw a traffic signal with colour.   
  4. See the calendar of 2077 and write the months and dates of the major festivals are celebrated in this year.
  5. Make a list of the mother tongues of your friends.  



Class: 3

  1. Write answer in one word.

  2. The locomotory organ of bird______.
  3. Summer seasons plants ______.
  4. Substance sinking in water______.
  5. Source of water_____.
  6. Omnivore animals______.
  7. Answer the following questions.
  8. Write two features of desert animals.
  9. Name the four season of a year.
  10. Why do fungi cannot prepare their own food?
  11. What is tree? Write its one feature.
  12. What is atmosphere?