Home Work

2020-04-26 15:14:01


Q. N 1 Draw a picture of two Arboreal animals and colour it.

Q. N 2 Name any three types of beak of bird         


Class 2

a. write the name of the program that you like to take part of your school.   

b. Draw the picture of our national flower and bird.                       

c. Look at the calendar of baishakh 2077 and write how many Saturday and Monday are there.         


Sub : Science


  1. Draw a well labeled diagram of mustard plant.
  2. List the name of one seeded fruit and many seeded fruit.
  3. 2077-01-24


  4. Find the product of  30 × 90.
  5. Simplify: 3 × ( + 5)
  6. Divide :81÷9




  1. List any five -five good habits and bad habits.
  2. Draw a picture of earth

                                                                                                 Class – 2

                                                                                                  Sub – Maths

                                                                                                  Write the table of  5  to 7.

                                                                                                    Sub – English

                                                                                                 Write a bout yourself.




  1. What is cleanliness? How can we prevent from tooth decay?
  2. Write short note about your favourite season.
  3. Write any five -five names of shrubs and herbs.
  4. Draw a picture of your favorite cartoon.



1) Write the works that you do at your home and at school.                   

2) Write the name of the tools that are used by a farmer,.                         

3) Write any five greeting words like namaste.                                               

4) Write short paragraph about your family.                                                   

5) Write any five languages spoken in Nepal and  5 festivals of Nepal.   






  1. What is living things?
  2. What is habitat?
  3. Write differences between living beings and Non- living things.
  4. Write differences between plants and animals
  5. What are herbivores?

What are carnivores